The Friends support the Musée de Cluny financially and intellectually in many ways. They provide funds directly or generate patronage for various projects :

  • Enrichment of the Collections. Since 1997, the Association has acquired 32 works of art for the Museum, from a modest pilgrim’s badge to the prestigious twelfth-century Catalan sculpture of one of the Holy Women.
    The Friends have also been instrumental in the donation of important objects, such as the extraordinary thirteenth-century Head of a man from Notre-Dame in Paris, a precious reliquary shrine from Limoges dating from 1200 that depicts the Adoration of the Magi, and an exceptional ivory sket ocaf around 1300.

  • Restoration of works of art. The Association has found patrons to finance the restoration campaigns for the 300 stained glass windows, as well as two major works from the first and second centuries, the Pilier des Nautes, and the Pillier de Saint-Landry.

  • Improvements to the site and collections. The Association has provided support for exhibitions and publications, and contributed largely the renovation of several rooms. Presently, the Friends are mobilizing their efforts to finance a room devoted to the history of the museum, within the context of the Cluny IV project.

  • Development of cultural activities. The Association's helps the Museum to organize concerts, readings, round-tables on current events, and presentations of new publications on the Middle Ages.

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